Would you like to get the best possible result for your EPB certificate ?

The inssuance of the certificate is divided into 2 stages :

→ The visit on site
→ The encoding of the collected data

It is very important to have available as much information as possible so as to justify the data that will be encoded in the calculation software so as to give you the best possible result. The EPB certificate should reflect the certified habitation. The protocol made by Brussel-Environment describe a few documents that are accepted in addition to the recolted data during the visit on site. Without visual constatation or acceptable proof, the certificator is compelled to use the default insulation value that are generated through the software. These default values are set for instance in function of the construction/renovation date of the building.

To help us to give you the best EPB certificate, we ask you to provide us as much hier under listed documents as possible :

Reglementation PEBPlan of the habitation
Reglementation PEBPrevious EPB certificate
Reglementation PEBInvoice with details the realised work*
Reglementation PEBChronological photos, before and after the work
Reglementation PEB... do not hesitate to provide any other document which might give you a better result

* A price offer is unfortunately not enough.

There is nothing easier if you want to make an oppointment with one of our certificators, you just need to send us a message using the contact form.