Are you elligible to energy subsidies ?

The energy subsidies is renewed in 2017 !

Reglementation PEB The Government of the Brussels region has approved the energy subsidies system for 2016 on September the 25th 2015. The global budget of 22 million euros is maintained.
In order to support efficient renovation projects, the emphasis is put on audits, insulation and heating.
We strongly advice to read the general conditions (.pdf) and the technical requirements prior to the renovation.

The key rules to bear in mind are :

→ The demand must be sent after the realisation of the work with a maximum of 4 months starting at the issue date of the last facture
→ The extensions of the building (protected volume) are not elligible to energy subsidies
→ All demands where the calculated subsidiary is lower than 50 € will be automatically refused

The different categries for the energy subsidies :

Subsidies type A : Study and audits
   A1 – Energy audit
Subsidies type B : Insulation and ventilation
   B1 – Roof insulation
   B2 – Wall insulation
   B3 – Ground insulation
   B4 – Highly insulated glass
   B5 – Efficient mecanical ventilation
Subsidies type C : Heating
   C1 – Boiler, efficient air or gas generators
   C2 – Efficient gas convector
   C3 – Climate regulation
   C4 – Heat pump – Heating
   C5 – Heat pump - Hot Sanitary Water
   C6 – Intubation collective chimney
   C7 – Solar water tank

Do you need more information ?

You can contact us on 0475 51 76 70 or via email with the dedicated contact form, we will answer you questions.
Once the EPB certificate delivered, we will help you to fill in the subsidies form.
You can also go to the webpage .

There is nothing easier if you want to make an oppointment with one of our certificators, you just need to send us a message using the contact form.